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TESTIMONIALS for Anne Bruff and Associates

"Anne Bruff has worked with me for years.  She has creatively helped me buy and sell income properties. Anne was always aware of my investment criteria, and helped me invest in properties that reflected those goals. Her guidance has helped me greatly increase my net worth."

- Al K.

"Anne is honest and professional. It's a pleasure doing business with her."

- Neill S.

"I was able to find a really nice cash flow property with Anne.  She knows the market for income properties, and the financing nuances as well.  If you are a seasoned investor in real estate, you will appreciate her ability to buy or sell."

- Mark P.

"Anne recently helped my family with a very complicated real estate transaction. She was ethical, skilled, clear, and a pleasure to work with. She went "above and beyond" in all aspects. We are very grateful to her! Highly recommend her services."

- Margaret G.

"Anne is a wonderful person to work with. My daughter and I were dealing with a complex property that we had in the family a long time.  Finding information from many years ago proved a nearly impossible task.  She worked with the Title Co. when I was about to give up.  I actually had nothing to do with setting appointments, etc. because she worked so closely with the Property Manager.  She also helped me accommodate my very elderly partners.  Her professionalism was complete.  I think we were very lucky to have had her.  She was fun, too." 

- Marge and Lisa

"I recently engaged Anne as a buyer's agent, for help in purchasing an industrial building to serve as an art studio. This turned into more of an ordeal that I'd ever anticipated, as we discovered toxic waste sumps in one property, found out about the down-zoning of another, and made an offer on a third one, only to have it snatched away when the owner changed his mind about selling. Throughout all this real-estate trauma, Anne was calm and supportive, with sage advice and a good-humored approach that kept me going when I was tempted to give up on the whole thing. She finally found me a place that was ideal for my needs at a great price, and deftly guided me through the complexities of the closing process. Calling Anne for help with all this was one of the best decisions I ever made."

- Andrew W.

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